Saturday, November 12, 2011

Rose's Heavenly Cakes ~ Sicilian Pistachio Cake with Golden Neoclassic Buttercream

Rose's Heavenly Cakes ~ Sicilian Pistachio Cake ~ Ann's Birthday Cake ~ 11/11/11
My friend Ann celebrated her Birthday yesterday. This was the cake that I made for her. I doubled the recipe and used four seven inch cake pans, for the batter. Then I tripled the Golden Neoclassic Buttercream and had very little left after filling and decorating. The topping was made from cake crumbs, chopped pistachio nuts, and superfine sugar in the food processor.  This cake was dense from the amount of pistachio nuts used and weighed in at six pounds.  She was delighted.


  1. What a lovely gift - I would be delighted to receive this cake as well. It sure looks delectable. I haven't made this cake yet - I'm afraid it would be too hard to resist so I need to wait until I have a house full of hungry mouths to share it with.


  2. Thanks so much Patricia!
    It is delicious cake and made according to the recipe ( one 9 inch layer), would not require a house full of hungry mouths to finish it off.
    This cake you would love.
    The batter has a slightly greenish tint to it, so it would work well for the holidays.
    Good to hear from you,

  3. WOW! Ann is one lucky girl. It is beautiful!
    I have a challenge for you. I had a great piece of stollen in St. Gilgen, Austria. It was chocolate and decadent. I have a picture of the slice I enjoyed. I challene you to make it for the holidays! What say? I know you can do it.

  4. Challenge on!
    Send the picture with a description of the stollen, tasting notes and all.
    Maybe a reader has some great stollen recipes to send along!
    Thanks so much,