Friday, March 23, 2012

Apricot Scones using Dassant Vanilla Scone Mix

I used dried apricots and chopped them into diced pieces, about 1 cup,  use more or less to your taste. Follow the scone mix instructions on the package. 
Please use top ingredients like the Horizon Heavy Whipping Cream and Land of Lakes unsalted butter.
 Place some extra sugar on the counter then flatten out the scone mix to about 3/4 inch height.
Cut out your scones and place on a cookie sheet, lightly sprinkle left over sugar over the tops, then bake.
You can use all kinds of  dried fruits and cherries are one of my favorites.
These are terrific scones. I serve them at all of my teas. Enjoy!


  1. Mmm, cherries would be really nice. I like the shape of your scones!!

  2. Patricia, Thanks so much. Good to hear from you.
    These scones are larger than the normal, but they vanish quickly.
    They are cut with a medium size flower cookie cutter, just right for Spring.
    Happy Baking!

  3. Hi Dar!
    These scones look so good!
    Looking forward to seeing you soon.