Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Tea Time ~ Strawberry ~ Ginger Roulade

This is the recipe from Tea Time Magazine Vol.9 - Issue 2
March/April 2012      p.34
Strawberry ~ Candied Ginger  Roulade

My first attempt at a roulade and it was fun. I highly recommend this recipe, however,
I did add more candied ginger by 2 teaspoonfuls and instead of mixing the candied ginger into the batter, (almost forgot to add them).
I sprinkled them over the batter in the pans before baking.
It makes two roulades so I sent one next door. Yummy!
Ours is almost gone.  I'll wager that theirs is too.


  1. What a perfect hoiday cake! It looks great. How hard was it to roll and not break?

  2. Hi Char.
    The roulade actually held together very well.
    Just following the directions, it all came together.
    The candied ginger was a real treat taste with the strawberries.