Saturday, June 23, 2012

My First Angel Food Cake

My first angel food cake and the recipe that I used was the,
America's Test Kitchen 7 Rules for Making Angel Food Cake Recipe. 

The cake calls for superfine sugar and cake flour that is combined in the food processor, making it easier to incorporate into the whipped sugared eggs whites for a light, delicate crumb, that is snow white. The texture melts in your mouth.
I used the Chicago Metallic Angel Food pan design to let air circulate under the cake while cooling, hence the three legged pan.
No inverted cake teetering on the brink of disaster over a bottle.
I followed the 7 rules and was rewarded with a lovely Angel Food Cake that was superb.
This recipe was shown on America's Test Kitchen.  Thanks for looking, Darlene


  1. Hi Dar,This cake is the best angel food I have seen. ATK knows what they are doing. Apparently, so do you...yummy!

  2. Thanks Char,
    Following the 7 rules really paid off.